Magnum, a.i. creates and trains deep neural networks for cars and mobiles.


MWC 2018. (write up)

Those thinking 2018. MWC lacked sparkles, obviously didn’t see dazzling 3D Hypervsn(TM). AI All mobile processor manufacturers have added, next to graphical processors, Artificial intelligence (Neural networks) engine to their ARM processors. ARM added Mali MediaTek (in P60) added  APU Qualcomm added Adreno There was no information on Huawei, and Apple AI processors – but they doubtlessly exist. Israeli stand …

Term 3

Path planning, concentrations and systems Path planning Search: Discrete path planning and solving algorithms (A*). Prediction: Sensor fusion used to predict other objects behaviour. Trajectory generation in C++: Project: Path planning Drive a car down a highway with other cars using one’s own path planner. Advanced deep learning Fully connected convolutional networks Scene understanding Inference …