Term 3 – Selfdriving

Path planning, concentrations and systems

Path planning

  • Search:
    Discrete path planning and solving algorithms (A*).
  • Prediction:
    Sensor fusion used to predict other objects behaviour.
  • Trajectory generation in C++:
    Project: Path planning

Drive a car down a highway with other cars using one’s own path planner.

Advanced deep learning

  • Fully connected convolutional networks
  • Scene understanding
  • Inference performance
  • Project: Semantic segmentation


Autonomous vehicle architecture

  • Introduction to ROS (Robot operating system):
    Architectural overview of ROS framework and setting up the environment.
  • Packages & Catkin workspaces:
    ROS workspaces structure, essential command line tools and software package management
  • Writing ROS nodes:
    Python and C++.
  • Project: System integration project

Running the code on Carla, Udacity’s autonomous vehicle.

Inaugural class of Udacity Self-driving nanodegree graduation celebration with Sebastian Thrun.

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