Term 1 – Robotics

ROS Essentials, Perception, and Control

Project: Search and sample return


Introduction to ROS

Packages and catkin workspaces

Biologically inspired robots

Write ROS nodes

Intro to kinematics

Forward and reverse kinematics

Denavit Hartenberg parameters for serial manipulators.

Project: Robotic arm: Pick and place

Human robot interaction & robot ethics

Perception overview

Introduction to 3D perception

Calibration, filtering and segmentation

  1.  Intro to Calibration, Filtering, and Segmentation
  2. Sensor Calibration
  3. RGB Camera Model
  4. Calibration Pattern
  5. OpenCV Calibration
  6. Extrinsic Calibration
  7. RGBD Calibration in ROS
  8. Point Cloud Filtering
  9. Tabletop Segmentation Exercise
  10.  Voxel Grid Downsampling
  11. Pass Through Filtering
  12. Segmentation in Perception
  13. RANSAC Overview
  14. RANSAC Plane Fitting
  15. Extracting Indices
  16. Outlier Removal FilterClustering and segmentation

Object recognition

Project: 3D perception

Soft robotics

Robot grasping

Introduction to controls

Quadrotor control using PID

  1. Introduction to a Positional Controller
  2. Quadrotor Kinematic and Dynamic Model 1
  3. Quadrotor Quiz
  4. Quadrotor Kinematic and Dynamic Model 2
  5. Cascade PID Control
  6. Lab Walkthrough
  7. Environment Setup
  8. Exploring the Sim
  9. Helpful Tools
  10. Completing PID Controller
  11. Hover Controller
  12. dynamic_reconfigure
  13. Attitude Controller
  14. Positional Controller
  15. Lab Summary
  16. PID Wrap Up

Swarm robotics

  1. Introduction
  2. READ : Research Papers
  3. Swarm Robots in Medicine
  4. Kilobots
  5. Search and Rescue
  6. Self-Assembly Swarm Robots
  7. WATCH: Concepts in Action
  8. Meet Sabine Hauert
  9. Exclusive: Sabine Hauert
  10. DO : Lab – Create a Swarm

Intro to neural networks

Deep neural networks

Convolutional neural networks

Fully convolutional networks

Lab: Semantic segmentation

Project: Follow me

Introduction to C++ for robotics

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